• Image of Hiwa B&W Zipper Clutch

Hiwa is a favorite amongst our ladies who want that beachy feel but still wanna rock their all black everything, day or night. And look unapologetically rad doing it. Beach friendly, and printed with a crisp photo finish, these clutches are perfect for gals on the go. There is room for everything in these zip up must haves: swimwear, shell hunting finds, and a safe spot for your favorite jewelry.

Minimalists can find simple storage in the 8x5 size, perfect for your smart phone, ID and cash & carry. Or upgrade for more cosmetics space with the 9x6 size.

Each clutch comes with an all black interior and a convenient hidden zipper compartment to store more personal items. Water resistant + Fire retardant. 100% Polyester. Handwash in cold water.